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As the in-built technology in smart gizmos become more sophisticated and diverse, computers also present striding variety of issues to the users. With a practically growing infinite number of software and limitless hardware configurations, it can be difficult to figure out the exact cause of a problem until and unless you have in-depth knowledge about a computer system. Although, there are endless possible issues and number of causes that might create problems in your PC and hamper your work productivity. However, to eradicate some of the common PC problems which most of the people face on occasion, you can follow this brief guide before approaching a PC technician.

PC does not respond to turn on: Considering that you have double-timed checked the cable and switches, yet you will not be able to turn on the PC. Possibly, it could be a critical hardware error which is preventing your system to turn on. Before making the final decision to call a technician or remote computer repair, it is better to try these steps:

  • Plug-in other power appliance in the same power point or try a different power point in order to determine whether or not the computer is at fault.
    • Open up your computer and ensure that all the components are properly seated in their sockets. For example- loose memory cards and add-in cards will   usually restrict the PC from turning on. Moreover, components can become dislodged after some time, particularly in the case of desktops. Make sure   that before touching any printed circuit board, you will be at the ground.
    • Check for short-circuit at first, and then thoroughly examine the inside of the computer to see if there are any burned out components or not. In computer,   things like power spikes, overheating, water spills and dust can provoke short-circuit.

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD): People consider that blue as a calming color; however, when it comes to computer screen with a series of white text, it probably has the devastating impact on your PC. The Blue screen of Death or STOP ERROR may appear to be one of the dreadful computer problems you will come across. One of the great solutions is to reboot your computer system. However, the STOP ERROR displays on your screen comprised of many reasons like damaged software, hardware failure, corrupted DLL files, problems with drivers and more. The resolution to Blue screen of death depends on the original problem. The display screen provides you with codes, which help you to figure out and fix your computer problems.

No sound from Speakers: If your computer speakers are correctly plugged in and turned on and you cannot hear the sound, then, there might be some problem with the drivers. Firstly, determine whether or not your sound card driver is creating the issue. A red overlay on the volume icon is most likely representing the problem with the driver. To fix this issue, determine the manufacturer name and model number of your sound card and download the latest updates. First right-click on the volume icon in the system tray and open “Playback Devices”. Always ensure that the right sound devices are selected as the default device.
System crashes before Windows launches: There are multifarious reasons that may cause Windows fail to start. Most of the issues can be fixed easily until your system has infected bad malware attack or your system hard drive is damaged. Follow these points if Windows fails to startup and presents you a blue screen at the time of boot.

  • Press F8 key as soon as your computer turn on. In Windows 8 system, you will get new recovery mode. Launch the computer in Safe mode. In Windows 8, click   “troubleshoot” icon followed by “Advanced Options” and then go to “Windows Startup Settings. “ Click Restart button and choose Safe Mode to continue.
    • Make sure that your anti-virus application is up-to-date. You can run a comprehensive scan of your system to remove viruses.
    • Use System Restore to restore your system to an earlier time before the issue occur.

Prevent unnecessary programs running at the start up time, because it may cause your system to slow down. Ensure your computer is not overheated and run Disk Defragmenter and Disk Clean-up utility for a seamless performance. Choose online remote PC support, if you can’t troubleshoot the problem at your end.

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How to Choose the Best PC Cleaner for Your Computer msy computers

Fast performance of your PC makes allows you to work efficiently. However, things turn out to be painful after realizing the fact that your computer has stopped working. We live in a developing world where computers and similar machines have become an important part of our lives and managing work without these machines seems next to impossible. Days are gone when our parents used to send telegrams to near relatives to maintain social connection with each other. But with the advancement of technology, computers have made our life easier as well as convenient. It is with these machines that our daily work has become manageable and stress-free. But do you really care about the maintenance of your PC? If no, then you should start doing the same because if not regularly maintained, your computer might start performing sluggishly and ultimately end up crashing down.

In order to clean up all cluttered and infected hard disks, one needs to meticulously clean up various parts of the system. Fortunately, you needn’t be worried as internet is flooded with innumerable websites that allow you to effortlessly download best PC cleaner software at a very nominal price. Accumulated cookies, virus intrusion, fragmented hard drive, registry errors and various faults eventually leads to sluggish performance of your PC. This software helps to restore various hardware components of your system in a jiffy. Besides, it carries out regular upkeep, which significantly enhances the performance of your computer to an optimum level; it also amputates the glitches of cleaning the PC manually.

Before selecting any PC cleaner to optimize your computer, please make sure that it must carry out all essential benefits and features to expedite sluggish operation of your PC. Before purchasing complete collection of cleaner, you must carefully download free PC cleaning software. Trial version of optimizing software helps in making up your mind comprehending the fact whether it is useful or not.

After installing best PC cleaner software, an automatic comprehensive scan is generated after which your computer instantly upgrades the software by cleaning the registry, scanning nasty bugs, clearing the hard drive and removing harmful viruses such as malware and spywares. This tune up utility quickly optimizes the performance of your computer without causing any damage to its hardware components. The tool is easy to install and configure all files in the backup folder from where you can retrieve it skillfully anytime.

Some benefits which free PC cleaner software provides are:

  • After a comprehensive scan, your PC cleaner software gives an alert asking to restart your computer. This step eventually clears all cluttered and junk files ultimately freeing up resources.
  • Viruses and malware codes can slow down your PC. Malicious programs might get installed in your PC with regular use of Internet. A best quality free computer cleaner can resolve this issue by deleting all affected files and folders. PC cleaner acts like a robust antivirus shields from the malicious codes.
  • Windows PC has inbuilt default security settings that protects your system from viruses and online threats. These security settings are highly susceptible to change; however, with the help of PC cleaner, you can efficiently identify and fix the problem thereby improving the security of your system.
  • PC clean up tool discovers and removes duplicate files, defragments hard drive and deletes all locked files from your system for optimum performance.

Thus, user must undergo above mentioned features, while selecting best PC cleaner software for your PC. It helps in cleaning errors including invalid entries, fix unconnected links, and retrieve missing files. Prior to scan, all important documents and files are kept in auto back-up folder from where you can retrieve them. Consequently, users can add/remove programs from their system thereby optimizing the speed of their system at an optimum level.

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