Law of Accidents and Injuries

Accidents are bound to occur. When it happens to us, we tend to blame it on bad luck or the misfortune of our circumstances. Someone else’s carelessness sometimes causes accidents and injuries. Accidents, injuries they cause and determining who is at fault are all large and often complicated areas of law. Legal articles about injuries and the laws that govern them can be found in Find Law’s Accident & Naqvi Injury Law section.

Identifying Who Is Liable

If someone is hurt in an accident, someone else is almost always to blame, whether it’s a car accident at an intersection or a slip and fall accident on an icy sidewalk. For some accidents, determining who is to blame is more accessible than in others, depending on the sequence of events. On the other hand, over time, courts and legislatures have developed criteria for determining the scope and applicability of legal liability.


Injured parties file negligence claims against those they believe responsible for an accident, known as the defendant. Any negligence claim must be supported by evidence demonstrating each of the following elements:

  • The defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care;
  • Duty Breach: the accused failed to meet the care obligation;
  • If the defendant had succeeded, the plaintiff would not have suffered any harm;
  • Proximate Cause: the plaintiff’s injury was caused by the defendant’s failure (and nothing else); and
  • The plaintiff has been harmed and has suffered some financial loss due to the incident.

These elements can be challenging to prove because of the complexities of the law. Since each case is unique, the outcome of a negligence claim will be determined by its unique circumstances.

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Attorneys for Personal Injury

A car accident and injury case can be challenging to navigate, as you’ve seen. To learn more about your negligence claim’s legal requirements and repercussions, speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer.



Accident and injury law, commonly known as “Personal Injury Law,” encompasses slip and fall, vehicle, truck, motorbike, boat, bicycle, airplane, cruise ship, bus, amusement park, and ATV accidents. Personal injury law also covers drunk driving and inattentive driving incidents, dog attacks, medical malpractice, faulty products, worker’s compensation, and nursing facility neglect. These incidents may have resulted in a person suffering a fractured bone or a scar or bruise, paralysis, amputation, harm to the brain, spine, or eye, or death.

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