Our Favorite Plant-Based Alternatives to Dairy Products – apex frozen foods

Plant-based diets are all the rage at the moment. Eating healthy is so on-trend. For once a fad that actually makes sense. Making the switch to dairy alternatives can be scary, but your body, not to mention the animals, will thank you for it. Vegan dairy products are a much healthier alternative and unlike in the past, they are actually quite tasty. Veganism has come a long way!


Silk Vanilla Soy Milk –

Vanilla happens to be the best flavor, but Silk comes in many different flavors and types. This particular one is chock full of the good stuff, including 6 grams of soy protein, and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. It is shelf-stable so will last for months.


Earth Balance Original Spread –

All the rich-buttery-ness with none of the bad stuff. Earth Balance is one of the best vegan brands out there. Their spread is, obviously, vegan, and is also lactose, dairy, and gluten-free.  ​



Boursin Cheese –

Creamy, yet crumbly. Smooth texture, like real cheese, but healthier. Boursin offers a wide variety of flavors (garlic and herb is the best!). Fresh tasting and made of only the finest, vegan-friendly ingredients and completely dairy-free.



Kite Hill –

Kite Hill is also non-GMO Project Verified, and completely dairy-free. They make both almond milk yogurt and Greek yogurt. All products are vegan certified, gluten, and soy-free with no artificial preservatives. They have a variety of different flavors and make a great vegan, dairy alternative. ​


Ice Cream:

SoDelicious Dairy-Free Ice Cream –

I scream, you scream, we all scream for vegan ice cream! So Delicious Dairy Free has been offering all-natural, vegan certified, dairy-free, frozen treats for over 30 years! Not only is it vegan certified, but they are also Non-GMO Project Verified. Which means that you can enjoy your cool, creamy, sweet, treat, completely guilt-free.

Be sure to look for these delicious alternatives at your local grocer. Eating cruelty-free is nowhere near as difficult as it used to be. Plus, there many reasons to do so, and dwindling reasons not to, especially in western society. Vegan diets are healthier and do not add to the high count of slaughtered animals. Veganism is not just about the diet, it is a way of life. Respecting the creatures of the earth while also respecting our own bodies. What are your favorite dairy-free alternatives? Let us know in the comments below!


Impossible Burger Coming to Your Town – apex frozen foods

Vegan grill lords rejoice! The new Impossible Burger will hit local grocer shelves sometime soon. The exact date is still unknown, however, the company does hint that it will be in 2019.

The company is ecstatic that vegans and curious omnivores will get the chance to grill up delicious burgers that mimic the taste of meat! Yes, that is right. These burgers are crafted with a sneaky mineral known as heme. Heme is an iron-based compound that when added into food it offers a real meat taste, and it is transforming the way people view veggie burgers around the country.


The biggest question regarding the Impossible Burger is, “where can I buy the Impossible Burger and when will it be available?” While there is no exact date or word on whether you will be able to buy these burgers in every state or just a select few, there is no doubt that the excitement about its launch is there loud and clear. Furthermore, the very fact that this burger requires less than a quarter of the water that real beef does to make patties, gives a great reason to put it on your plate more – the planet will thank you.


You may also be wondering, “why is this burger going to change the way people see veggie burgers”? Let’s start with the fact that this burger offers a real pink color that raw meat has, and when you bite into it, the heme compound will trick your taste buds into believing this Impossible Burger is created with real meat.


The Impossible Burger is the next big vegan burger to hit the big leagues. In addition to other delicious Impossible foods, you will not want to miss it!


Unilever Buys Meat-Free “The Vegetarian Butcher” Brand – apex frozen foods

The strong position and clear mission of The Vegetarian Butcher have attracted Unilever to buy the meat-free brand. Notably, this is due to the growth of the alternative meat markets. Vegan demand is increasing due to health and ethical reasons, leaving many people prefering cruelty-free meals. Others enjoy meat but want to minimize their consumption. Hence, Unilever moved to offer healthier, plant-based options.

Unilever’s purchase of The Vegetarian Butcher was a strategy that involved tapping into the healthy plant-based foods. Though it was news for vegan and vegetarians, the move proved successful. Many people favor Unilever’s meatless options as they offer a realistic texture and taste. The firm wants to meet everyones dietary needs while still lowering its environmental impact. Acquiring The Vegetarian Butchery will enable Unilever to accelerate their journey towards having more plant-based foods. Additionally, Unilever has managed to maintain the 90 Vegetarian Butcher employees.


Currently, people are transitioning from animal-related products to plant-based options. In the future, the market is expected to keep on growing. Hence joining this market is advantageous to manufacturers as they will remain relevant in the market long-term.


Sweet Potato Veggie Burger – apex frozen foods


1 ½ lbs sweet potatoes

1/3 cup uncooked quinoa

1 can black beans rinsed and drained

1 small red onion

2-3 tbsp tahini

¾ tsp apple cider vinegar

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp Cajun spice

1/3 cup oat flour

½ cup chopped parsley

Panko bread crumbs for coating

salt and pepper to taste


Peel your sweet potato and bake at 400 F for 40-60 minutes

Using a large fork, mash up black beans, quinoa, sweet potatoes, onion, and tahini

Fold in spices apple cider vinegar, parsley, and flour

Warm oven to 400 F. Add coconut oil to a skillet and shaped the mashed mixture into patties

Dunk mixture into Panko for a crispy coating

Bake around 10 minutes each side, til crispy and browned

Slide it onto a bun and top with tomato, spicy mustard, and spinach.