Super Successful People Are Not Super Humans

Super Successful People Are Not Super Humans

One of the main characteristics of people is to be drawn to someone whom they wants to become like.

These super successful people that we want to follow come in different forms and different names: mentors, experts, celebrity, gurus and in the world of business and finance – the super financially successful.

It is not surprising, therefore, that these super successful people have their own large following. They got a community of loyal people who follows his every words, teachings and every step.

Harv Eker, the author of the millionaire mindset, talked about a woman who came to her after the seminar to be given the chance to touch a “multimillionaire”. Sounds weird but this seems to be how people think the freer the market the freer the people.

They put those super successful people into pedestals. They treat them as if they are super human beings. I have meet a lot of them and some of them are my friends.

Unfortunately or fortunately, they are just like you and me. They have their own weaknesses, feelings, defeats and failures. They have their humble beginnings. They have their share of being a newbie once. Every master was once a disaster.

“Hero worship” or putting a mentor into a very high unreachable pedestal is never the name of the game.

They might have been helpful. They might have shared tips and knowledge that seems to be a breakthrough to you. But remember, you paid for their programs. You bought their products.

Yes, these super successful people are experts and we are grateful to them.

But real transformation happens the moment when you step up and realize that you can also become one of them. That is the time when your journey to greatness begins.

Don’t get me wrong. I love and respect my own mentors. They have made a significant difference in me. And I enjoy their friendship.

But the best way to make your mentors proud is to grow and become one of their colleagues – one of their business partners.

Make them proud. And claim your place in greatness.

In conclusion, I would like to end this article with a sentence… “Big business is a small business that just did the right things.”

And likewise, super successful people are just ordinary people (like you and me) who did the right things. Now learn from them and become one.


50 Ways to Celebrate Small Victories

We celebrate small victories to get short term motivation when working with big and long duration projects. Instead of focusing to the big gap between the destination and where you are currently in your task, you focus on the milestones that you have accomplished the freer the market the freer the people.

If you are running out of ideas on how to celebrate small victories, here 50 ways to celebrate small victories. Let your imagination be the limit. Feel free to follow, modify or subtract. Just do what you think best suits you.

Here are 50 ways on how to celebrate small victories:

  • Get a picture of yourself or your team. Then place it on Microsoft Word. Write down on the caption of that picture what you or your team have accomplished. Then frame it.
  • Buy yourself an Ipad or tablet
  • Buy yourself a new cellphone
  • Take a breather, relax and give yourself a day off
  • Buy yourself a good non-fiction book to read
  • Go out with your wife or your special someone on a dinner date
  • Jump up and down and shout for joy at the top of your lungs. Just make sure you do it inside your office so that no one would wonder what is happening
  • Tell a close friend or your best friend of what you have done and ask your friend to give you a tap at the back
  • Get yourself a Starbucks mocha or Green Tea Frapuchino. It is ok to order a slice of banana cake with it.
  • Plug in the earphone and listen to your collection of great and relaxing music
  • Have a celebration dinner with your business employees, business team, close friends or family members. Yes, they can bring their families as well.
  • Go and get a great massage. Bring along your husband or wife.
  • Go and get a facial scrub
  • Go and enjoy a long foot scrub
  • Put on your jogging pants and get a 1 km run with your headphone singing eye of the tiger.
  • Buy an ice cream and share it with your dream team
  • Organize a barbecue party. Make sure you have enough steak, hotdog, beer and wine.
  • Did I say you make a poem and dedicate it to yourself? It is ok if it doesn’t rhyme very well.
  • Give yourself a tap on the back. Look at your face in the mirror and tell the person on the mirror that you are proud of him or her.
  • Stop what you are doing and do that something that you love to do. On my part, I’ll get my badminton racket and play doubles for several hours until I get tired.
  • Watch a great movie in your home theater or on the wide screen
  • Write it down in your journal so that you can read and recall it in the future. Paste a picture that captures the moment.
  • Write it down in your online blog. If you have none, you can write in your facebook status. And ask your closest friend and family members to like your status.
  • Tell your mentor about it. Go into a little bragging session. Make sure that you and your mentor are really good friends.
  • Write a short but meaningful thank you notes to all people who have helped you
  • Buy a pair of cool sunglasses and head to the beach. Bring umbrella, sit on a chair with a cool lemonade drinks.
  • Buy a T-shirt and have this printed on the shirt. I achieve ________. Just fill it in with your latest accomplishment.
  • Make a post it note congratulating yourself for the work well done and post it on your refrigerator. Make extra copies and staple it on your journal as well.
  • Make a certificate of award and print it out. Post it on your office wall.
  • Get a healthy dinner. It’s ok to eat with a delicious dessert.
  • Fresh fruits and fresh salad for a celebration. Go organic.
  • You can go to a fine dining with your special someone. Don’t forget the champagne or a wine.
  • Go on a romantic dinner with your special someone. Make sure that the music is turned on. Then ask your special someone to dance with you to seal the celebration.
  • Go on a weekend gateaway. You can go fishing, go up the mountain or simply go to a lovely city and spend the weekend.
  • Go to the newest hotel restaurant in your city. Buy a great coffee and enjoy the evening listening to the singer and piano player.
  • Take a 20-minute walk on a beautiful green park
  • Crash it out on your goal or you can write the word “done “
  • Go for a yoga session
  • Play your guitar and compose a victory song
  • Play your piano and create a song that captures the joy of the moment
  • Buy a motivational audio programs that you can play while driving
  • Book a weekend training with one of your favorite authors or speakers. You can buy one of his books and write a dedication to yourself. Include this in your dedication the date and add this phrase, “as a gift for the achievement done”
  • Give yourself a shot of motivation. Look at the person on the mirror and tell that person how proud you are and how much you love him or her.
  • Savor the moment. Be grateful and thankful.
  • Get as many pictures as you can to capture the moment. Then make a video presentation.
  • Get as many pictures as you can to capture the moment. Then have it printed into a photobook.
  • Order a special button. Have it customize and write down your award.
  • Relax… And look forward for more accomplishment in the future.
  • Pray and thank God for the accomplished goal.
  • Pray and thank God some more.
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