Things to Know Before Choosing Best Satellite TV Provider 2022

The satellite television trend is still an attraction for people who enjoy watching live matches or spending quality family time. Two of the companies are leading the satellite services; DISH and DIRECTV.

Probability is you might have heard about both of the companies before and must be familiar with the offered services as these two brands are so far leading the industry. Here, we will discuss what you all need to know before opting for an option of the satellite TV providers.

Let’s begin!

For Whom Satellite TV is? 

The facility of satellite TV is for anyone who enjoys the traditional way of spending quality time. Experiencing live programming via cable dish is still a charming activity for many people, and if you have a big family at home, then no other thing could be as best as watching TV together. Although, if you are located at a place where the reach of the cable TV is difficult or even if you prefer satellite over TV cable, both of the things still make the best choices.

Both; DIRECTV and DISH TV facility likely to provide similar kinds of services. These two service providers offer exceptional services that set each of them apart. On one side, DIRECTV has most of the channels and provide high viewership sports channels with good packages. It counts on NFL Sunday Ticket and HBO Max. Meanwhile, on the other hand, DISH is considered a better choice for the wallet and contains a solid DVR feature so that a viewer can record all of the shows or events.

So, if you are a big fan of sports, then opting for DIRECTV and subscribing to its premium sports channels can be the best thing you can do. Although, if you are not much into sports, choosing DISH over DIRECTV could be a fine choice as the service providers offer; lifestyle news channels within an affordable price range.

Things to Know 

DIRECTV and DISH are likely to provide viewer perks like; DVR devices, free installation services, and plans that also counts on multi-room viewership capability. But, one thing that you all must be thinking is how come two of these satellite TV providers could be compared based on prices and channel count?

The monthly price range of DISH is likely to start with the range of $69.99 with its basic price plan and increase up to$104.99 with most of its premium while structuring its plan with some of the top TV channels of United States.

DISH TV Price Package Plan 

Top rated 120 ($69.99/month) – 190 channels

Top rated 120+ ($84.99/month) – 190+ channels (Everything Sports)

Top rated 200 ($94.99/month) – 240+ channels

Top rated 250 ($104.99/month) – 290+ channels

Both service providers, DISH and DIRECTV, demand at least a two-year agreement from the subscribers, whereas DISH offers a no-contract option facility to people who do not prefer being stuck in contracts, though, for this, the users may have to pay $15 extra/month.

However, the base plan for the DIRECT is relatively less than the DISH, but in this, you may also get fewer channels. On the whole, DIRECTV provides more premium channels than DISH – the price range is reflected in all of their available plans.

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DIRECTV Package Lineup

ENTERTAINMENT ($64.99/month) – 160+ channels

CHOICE ($69.99/month) – 185+ channels

ULTIMATE ($84.99/month) – 250+ channels

PREMIER ($134.99/month) – 330+ channels

If you are more into premium channels, you might prefer choosing the DIRECTV’s CHOICE, PREMIER packages, and ULTIMATE. In line with this, at the NFL Sunday Ticket, you will also get accessibility on the Cinemax, Max, Showtime, and HBO Max that too for three consecutive months.

However, once this phase is all good to go, if you choose to keep all these channels, you may have to pay for the services of each individual. DIRECTV’s most premium packages count on the best or top-rated media. Besides that, checking on the Spectrum channel list is another best thing you all can do. Some other details that could play a significant positive role for all of you are that you all might consider the prices of the DIRECTVs that might increase in a year or two after the contract.

The price range could vary from $30 to $65/month to many of the DIRECTV plans, so assure to make notes on the increased prices as you may have to pay for it in the second year before your commitment.

Things to Know Before Choosing Best Satellite TV Provider 2022

Most Important Satellite TV Features 

Equipment and Installation 

For many customers, satellite TV providers may offer the satellite dish that sets on the top box, the remote control, installation and other essential equipment at free cost—in the meanwhile, keeping this in mind that the service technician might require to drill some holes in walls throughout the installation. Hence, yes, be prepared for this too.

On-Demand Content 

Both; Satellite service providers offer on-demand content to viewers that you can easily watch as per your demand. At the same time, some on-demand content needs a viewership fee, whereas a few others are free. However, you all can download them on-demand programming into your DVR, where it will be stored until you are all fine to watch it. Moreover, if your internet connection has a good download speed, you can easily manage different programs through streaming services.

Pricing Tiers 

Both of the services offer plenty of pricing tiers. However, each level provides a specific package of channels so that all users can find and choose the one that suits those most.

Which Satellite TV is Right for You? 

So far, DISH has made some excellent strides within the past few years. For many of you, it could be a go-to choice. In contrast, DIRECTV is known for bridging the gap within prices to some extent. Its strength lies in providing content for NFL football programming. At this, we can say that the choice is yours. Pick the one that suits your need most and share your experience with us in the comments section.

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