What an 18 Year Old Can Teach You About Success – old biscayne

What an 18 Year Old Can Teach You About Success – old biscayne

Who is Bamidele Onibalusi?

He is an 18 year old (as of this interview) from Nigeria. But he is not just an ordinary 18 year old guy. He might be young but he has done what most full grown people had only dreamed of. He has a lot of things to teach about running an online business and earning as a web writer.

In this young age, he was able to setup an online income more than enough to pay for his bills. He is a full time online entrepreneur.

He writes for fun and for a living. He is the young man behind the YoungPrePro, a site dedicated to help people learn how to write online for website traffic and for money.

He did all these things despite of the challenges he face in his country and despite of the fact that English is just a second language.

Here is my interview with Bamidele Onibalusi:

Jeff:   You have been very successful in your online business. You have worked with the biggest names in the internet business like Danny Iny, Darren Rowse and Daniel Scocco. But for the sake of those who have not heard about you, please give us a little background about yourself, about your online business and tell us a story about how everything started.

Oni: I’m Bamidele Onibalusi, a young blogger from Nigeria, and the founder of YoungPrePro.com. My focus is to help as many people as I can succeed online.

I discovered blogging two years ago, when I was 16. There are several people in my locality working their tails off and having little to show for it, and I have made up my mind never to work for anyone in my life. I wanted to work for myself, and I wanted to be rich. I was so excited when I heard about people making money online; I didn’t even know how a computer works then, but I was determined to succeed at all cost. I started reading various articles on how to make money online from my mobile phone, and that was how I discovered blogging.

Jeff: What is your biggest business accomplishment online?

Oni: My biggest business accomplishment is being in the game at this very moment. My blog just turned two, and very few people can put in the effort for so long. I’m glad to still be in the game!

Jeff: What are your major struggles when you are just starting and how did you resolve them?

Oni: I experienced a lot of struggles due to the state of things in my country. Getting quality internet access was a problem, and even electricity was a problem. I was able to solve these problems by partnering with a cafe owner who allowed me to use his computers for free.

Jeff: How long did it take you to start earning?

Oni: 8 months of blogging.

Jeff:  What qualities and skills helped you to succeed in your online business?

Oni: I think a lot of things influenced my “success” online, but the most important of them all is tenacity; I knew I wasn’t going to give up, so I had to do everything I can to succeed.

Jeff:  Who are your business heroes and mentors?

Oni: I don’t think I believe in the idea of mentors, but I learn from anyone I can; including a kid, or birds, if that is what it takes.

Jeff:  What is your biggest business goal at the moment?

Oni: Increasing my reach. I want to reach and influence as much people as I can; this is my passion, and I’ll do everything to achieve it.

Jeff:  I know you are very busy and very productive. What is a typical day for you? What is a typical week?

Oni: I wouldn’t class myself as “very productive”. A typical day for me can be boring to most; I hardly leave my home or hang out with friends, but the majority of my time is spent working in my home office. When not working, I spend a lot (like 10 – 20 hrs a day) of time watching movies.

Jeff: If you have to start all over again, what will you change and what will you continue to do?

Oni: Nothing.

Jeff:  What do you think is the major reason why people fail to earn online?

Oni: They don’t want to succeed. I know that sounds a little blunt, but this video pretty much explains what I mean, Click here.

Jeff: Are you a one man show, outsourcing or did you hire employees?

Oni: I’m basically a one man show, but I outsource if necessary. My blog design, for example, was outsourced to someone else; I wouldn’t be able to get something so beautiful if I didn’t outsource.

Jeff:  What is your recommended reading list?

Oni: My favorite books are:

– The Elements of Style – by William Strunk Jr. and E.B White
– How to Win Friends and Influence People – by Dale Carnegie
– The 48 Laws of Power – by Robert Greene

Jeff:  What do you think are needed for people to be successful in their online business?

Oni: The willingness to learn and improve, determination to succeed, and knowing when to stop and when to persist.

Jeff:  Tell us more of your ebooks and websites.

Oni: My website is YoungPrePro.com, it is focused on helping writers get traffic and make money online. I also give people the ability to download my free ebook, The Writer’s Handbook: How to Write for Traffic and Money, on it.

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