Where Do You Get Your Motivation for Action – action carting

Where Do You Get Your Motivation for Action – action carting

Action no doubt is the only single thing that could turn your dreams into reality. It is not affirmation and even visualization. You can spend all your waking hours doing the positive affirmation, goal-setting and visualization but without action, all of it is just a delusion.

Therefore, without a single doubt, we can conclude that the most successful people are those who have the bias for action.

What are the 3 Important Rules to Success?

1) Just Do It

2) Make It Happen

3) Act on It

In short, it is not about knowledge, planning or grand intention… It is all about ACTION.  I just hope that sinks in.

But where do you get motivation for action?

Are you doimg things for applause? for monetary gain? for prestige? for power? for recognition? for position and promotion? or for any tangible benefits?

Here is what I found out, the most successful people are drawing the motivation inward. What motivates the super achievers are internal.  They are internally-driven.

They are driven by their beliefs, values, principles, faith, goals and plans and the satisfaction of doing something to the best of their ability. They consistently act and turn in the best result with or without applause or external motivation. Doing things that they believe in to the best of their ability is what satisfies them.

What about you? Are you internally or externally motivated?  Maybe it is time to change your source of motivation.

How to Make Your Small Business Really Stand Out – action carting

Have you ever been inside the bottling company? Imagine yourself seeing all those bottles lined up in a conveyer ready to be filled by the dispensing machine.

If your own small business is a “me-too” business, it is just a commodity. It is like one of the bottles lining up with those millions of bottles having the same shape, design and bottle imprint.

How do you make your small business stand out in the crowd and thrive in the global competition?

1) Become the expert and authority in your line of business quickly.

People want to work with the best in their fields and this is true for all businesses.
We want the best mechanic to fix our cars.
We want the best dentist to clean our teeth.
We want the safest and cheapest airline that is never delayed in its flight schedule.

Becoming an expert is the key to stand out in the crowd.

However, even if you have best skill in your line of business it is still not enough.

You could have a badge of PhD in your resume and years of experience in the industry under your belt before you launch a business but it will not matter unless your customers perceive you as a respected authority in your business.

Your expert status has nothing to do with what you say. It is all about how your customers view you. You become an expert when a large number of people consider you as one.

Here is the truth of the matter.
Competition is fiercest in the bottom of the ladder.

But when you reach the level of expert status, competition vanishes.
You don’t need to beg for the limited attention of your clients, you command it. Your influence increases and so is your income.

2) Credibility and Sincerity

Few years back, I attended a seminar of a self proclaimed guru on online business.
This guy is a great marketing guy. I could say without exaggeration that he can sell ice to the Eskimos. He knows how to press the hot buttons.

Until now, I am still a part of his newsletter to study his marketing style. But I never bought anything from all his recommendations.

Why? Because the last time I attended his seminar, I felt ripped off.

For some reason I could not understand, I sense the insincerity of this guy when I was attending on his event. Too bad, I felt I was one of the newbies that he will “help”, “train” and “milked”. What a wasted money and time!

Why do I share this story with you?

Your customers are wise.
You can get away with black tactics once. Buy you could never make a sale on them twice.

And if your intention is to build a long term business, better make it your motto and your priority to serve your customer first and put their concern first thing in your heart.

Think of being paid in your efforts later after you have finalized your service or product that would deliver to them tremendous value.

3) Sell products that you can be proud of. If you are not proud of it, don’t sell it.

I was laughing the other day surfing through the internet, seeing a picture of a guy selling piles of stones for $10. Insane! I am not sure if someone will offer him that amount.

However, I do believe based on my previous experiences that if you have the skills of a master salesman, you can sell anything.
But your sales will grow dramatically when you have the skills of the salesman and the product that your customers would really love.

Your customers are your best extended work force. When they sell for you, they are more convincing…a hundred times more convincing than you.

4) Show them that your really really care.

There are things that you can’t fake. And this is one of them.
You might lip service that your customer is always right and you want to serve them well.

But it is not your words that are important. It is your actions and your non-verbal communication.

Do you have excellent customer support? Do you have a reasonable refund policy? Are you in for the money or are you after for delivering value?

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you got to love your customers. They are your bosses.

“Your customers are your boss. They can fire you anytime by buying from your competitors”. – Sam Walton

There is one best kept secret in the business world. Are you ready for this?

What will make you rich is not the first time sales. NO!!!

It is the repeat orders of your customers.  It is their order for your other offered products and services. Increasing your customer lifetime value is the key to a 7 – figure business.

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